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Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Trip to Manila, The Philippines (August 2006)

Whew! What a week it has been!

I left Dayton on Friday, August 4 and arrived in Manila on Saturday, August 5...barely! We were supposed to arrive at 10pm but instead arrived about midnight. We were late leaving Hong Kong because of weather delays. And, of course, while I arrived safely...my luggage was NOT so lucky.

I stayed in a fabulous hotel...The Peninsula Manila. The conceirge there was fabulous and incredibly helpful!! The room was very nice and the bath was to die for!

Speaking of the concierge! They immediately began helping me try to locate my bag. Unfortunately, no one at Cathay Pacific was answering the phone. By the time they reached someone at Cathay Pacific on Monday, they were told that they didn't have a bag that looked like mine. Hello! It's a black roller bag...how can you NOT have one that looks like mine!

After leaving work on Monday, I asked the driver to take me by the airport. I was pretty sure that people were as tired of me wearing the same clothes as I was of wearing and washing them each night. And blowing them dry with the hair dryer in the morning. After some wandering around the airport, I was directed to a building called Orbit Warehouse. And that is exactly what it is. It is a GIANT warehouse for all unclaimed baggage from all airlines flying into Manila. It didn't take me too long though to find my bag. Hello!! It had not 1 but 2 luggage tags with my name, address, and phone number on it! I'm convinced if I had left The Philippines without coming to look for my luggage myself, I would have never gotten it back!