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Friday, November 23, 2007

2007 Smith-Roberts Newsletter

How Can It Be December Already?

Season's Greetings! It’s that time of year when we thank you for your friendship and support over the last year. We also bring you up-to-speed on the craziness that is our lives.

Neither of us has changed jobs in the last year and work has kept John and I very busy! Both when we are here in town and when we are on the road. And boy have we been traveling. Ann’s been to Manila, Philippines; Hong Kong, China; India; UK; Bulgaria; New York; New Jersey; Florida; Washington, DC; Texas; Virginia; South Carolina; North Carolina; Tennessee; and Utah. I'm now using TravelPod to share highlights and photos from our major trips. There is a travel journal for Ann's UK, Bulgaria, India trip in September and Hong Kong in February. John has been to California; Nevada; Washington, DC; Utah; and who knows where else. Here's hoping that maybe we'll stay a little closer to home in 2008.

In addition to work, we manage to stay busy in our local community as well. We've hosted fundraisers for Cystic Fibrosis (more about that event later) and Women in Leadership. We had birthday parties for Grandma Evelyne (90) and Jason (18). We donated the roof for a Planned Parenthood auction item resulting in a party for 100 during the summer. Ann is on the Board of K-12 Gallery and Ticket Chair for AIDS Resource Center Masquerage.

John and I were both honored by Cystic Fibrosis this year as 2007 Stars. This honor really belongs to your our friends who we continually call upon to stop up and contribute to locally. This year's CF fundraising event raised over $5000. CF estimates that we have been involved in raising over $25,000 for CF. Which we could NOT have accomplished without YOU!

John continues to do some drawing. He's posted images of his artwork on his myspace page: www.myspace.com/noumena11. Please let Ann know if there is anything you would like to purchase! :)

2007 Family Update
As mentioned above, Grandma turned 90 this year and she doesn't appeared to have slowed down at all. She continues to volunteer and drive (although only in the daytime). After telling her that she was NOT allowed to cook her own birthday dinner, we had a fabulous party on our roof for her birthday and surprised her when family from all over the country attended. The next day we had a larger open house for everyone who's lives she has touched.

Our parents are doing well. As do our siblings. We'll be adding to the family again when Ann's stepsister Jenny marries Greg (and his two boys).

And boy have the nieces and nephews been busy this year.
Brian and his wife Jennifer had their first child, Aliison, in October. In addition, Brian will be leaving FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne WY to transition to Shriver AFB in Colorado Springs. It sounds like they are both looking forward to the move. John and Elizabeth are still in Tulsa but are planning on moving to Dallas soon. Sara is still at Honda in Dallas. Laura and Jose just bought a house in Houston. In addition, Laura is still going to school and trying to keep track of 4 year old Alex. Matt continues to go to school and work for his father. Jason is a senior in high school and works at Complete Pet Mart. We continue to be hopeful that he'll graduate. (You just can't take these things for granted.) Sydney is a junior at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (CTC) studying Agri-Technology. She really seems to enjoy it and wants to combine her love of horses with agricultural management. She plans to continue her studies in college. Henry seems to have picked up some of his father's artistic capabilities. He's done some great photography! Caleb continues to grow like a weed. And he's always the first one there to give a hug!

All 5 cats seem to be holding their own. They certainly love living downtown and enjoying the deck!

Rubi Girls Reach for the Star

Did you miss it? Do you recognize her? Meet Stella Artois (pronounced "Artoys")

Thanks to John, the Rubi Girls, and you, we raised over $5000 for Cystic Fibrosis. If you weren't there, you missed a spectacular night and performance. The Rubi Girls are even hinting about making a Firefly Roof performance an annual event.

Yes, that is John dressed as a woman! And yes, I'm the one who suggested that he do it. And a lot of you came out to see her! (Of course, it has apparently released all of his repressed theater genes because he's become addicted to performing.)
All for charity of course! Be sure to check out the photos from the event. John will be performing with the Rubi Girls again at Club Masque on Saturday 24 November. This event will raise money for AIDS Resource Center Ohio. And rumor has it that Ann will make a special guest appearance.

Keep in Touch More Than Once a Year
Over this year, we've really moved into the online space in order to keep up with friends and family. You can still find us at www.noumena.com but the information there is more static. You can always reach us via email at ann.roberts@noumena.com or jsmith@noumena.com. Other online communities where you can find us....

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