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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bucharest, Romania 2012

First, it is CRAZY hot here. Even the Romanians are commenting on how hot it is. Given that we walk everywhere...well, let's just say it is a challenge...even showering twice a day.

This is a business trip and I'm impressed by how great the team here in Romania have been to work with. Not only in the office but they have entertained us each night we have been here.

Although, I have to say the most interesting part of the trip has been traveling with 2 of DDD's Cambodians who had never traveled outside SE Asia. First, they have been very adventurous in their food experimentation and inquisitive. It has been very refreshing. They have been willing to try ALMOST everything. So far, they have been introduced to grilled squid, Irish Chicken and Beef pies, tuna tartare, Turkish food, Illy Espresso, Romanian wine, and limoncello. It has been great watching them try new things. The tuna tartare was a hit...not so much the limoncello. 

Tonight we had dinner at a GREAT little Italian place. I almost didn't stop because there were only 3 people in the restaurant. But we took a look at the menu and the guys wanted seafood after gorging themselves on meat all week. So after they demolished all the bread while I was trying to decide on a wine, I ordered Tuna Tartare to start and had the Seafood Risotto based on the recommendation of our waiter. Both were excellent! Heak had the Grilled Squid with brocolli and Meakara had the grilled prawns with spinach. I'm assuming that they liked it because they both finished their meals. For dessert, I had the apple tart and an Illy espresso, Heak had the assortment of ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Rum - which had some fruit that I couldn't identify but which was very good). The waiter brought us the Limoncello as a digestif which Heak did not like at all. 

Tomorrow we play tourist. We are taking the tour bus around to see the city before the Cambodians, a Romanian, and a German head to Phnom Penh tomorrow night. I'm almost sorry I will miss the rest of the trip.

Heak taking a photo of Meakara

European soccer EVERYWHERE!

Under the Romanian National Bank

Street scene - Bucharest City Centre

 Street Scene - Bucharest City Centre

Lots of Banks in Bucharest