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— Unknown

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Thank You!

Thank you for making our 2008 annual party another roaring success!!! The weather once again put a crimp on turnout so there is way too much food leftover.

Because of your generosity, we will be delivering $1271.00 to The Other Place tomorrow.

The 100 of you who did brave the elements consumed: 16 lb smoked turkey, 10 lb skirt steak, 6 lb shrimp, 4953 ml liquor, 58 bottles of beer, 7 bottles of champagne, 15 bottles of red wine, 5 bottles of white wine, and 32 cans of pop! If only you had also consumed all of the other food! :)

If by any chance you took photos during the evening, please pass them on...we'd love to see them. Wishing you the best in 2009! Ann and


Top Gun said...

I very much enjoyed your annual Christmas letter (which I just got to - I'm still sending some of my annual holiday greetings out!), and especially the "thank you" note on the party. I have not toured Ann's specialized blogs before, but I'll tell you - I have a strong desire to visit the RedFeather Lounge and its impressive wine cellar now!

I do have one question about the 2008 holiday party: Did anybody else besides Ann drink any of those 7 bottles of champagne?

Wonderful work on the 100+ Women who care - I might have to try to do something about that quoted small city statistic...thanks for the inspiration!