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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We All Give What We Can

Sometimes it is $25, $50, $100 or more. We donate our money, time, and services in order to make a difference in our community and in the lives of others. Sometimes I would wonder whether my small contribution was really making a difference. I've found a way to make MY $100 be the difference.

Consider this... The Dayton Boys and Girls Club (DBGC) has a room of 16 computers that don't work consistently if at all. The kids may or may not be able to use them for their homework. These are kids without access to a computer at home. In addition, these kids parents have very limited computer skills and limited access to computers; in today's technologically savvy market that means that you can't even apply for a job at Kroger's without access to a computer. Replacing the computer equipment is beyond the capability of the existing operational funding. Enter 100+ Women Who Care. Because of 100+ Women Who Care, the DBGC was able to acquire brand new computers for the club. The kids at the club have been developing their computer skills and using the computers to help with their homework and the reports they need to write. Their parents are also benefiting! Because DBGC has new computers, they received a grant from Microsoft for additional software. Because of the new computers, they have been able to develop programs such as a summer program that will tie the kids in with the Columbus Zoo.

How did my $100 make a difference? If I had just donated $100 to the Dayton Boys and Girls Club it wouldn't have had the same dramatic impact. 100+ Women Who Care currently exists in only four (4) cities and Dayton OH is one of them! (Other chapters include Jackson, MI; Dupage County, IL; and Albion, MI.) Since it's inception in April 2007, 100+ Women Who Care Dayton donated over $22,000 dollars LOCALLY. That really amazing! What a great way to make a local impact! (NOTE: I've been writing checks since I joined last summer but was only able to attend my first meeting the other night. That's why I'm so jazzed about this group of women!)

What is 100+ Women Who Care? It's really a GREAT model that keeps your donation local and makes an impact.
  • Each member donates $100 per meeting ($400 per year)
  • The donations will be given to charities/worthy causes serving locally in the Dayton area.
  • Controversial charities/non-profits/causes will be avoided and official, researched charities (501(c)3)/nonprofits will be considered. Worthy causes will also be considered and the donations will be handled by a bank with a trustee administering the fund to issue checks after receiving receipts.
  • No national programs will be considered. The purpose is for 100% of the contributions to stay in the community.
  • Any member may put a suggestion she has researched in the drawing at each meeting; three will be drawn for consideration.
  • Each of the members who submitted the charities/non-profit which are drawn will be given five (5) minutes to make a presentation. No representative of the organizations may make the presentation.
  • The membership votes and majority rules. Even if a member's first choice isn't selected, each member is committed to donating at each meeting.
  • Members write their check directly to the selected charity/nonprofit.
Each meeting lasts one (1) hour. That makes the commitment four (4) hours a year and $400. It's about strength in numbers...And what a difference it makes!

Want to get involved here in Dayton? Email me and I'll send you the literature and commitment form.
Want to learn more about 100+ Women Who Care? Check out the 100+ Women Who Care website.


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